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R&D Center  
Professor Yu Shiyuan, Chief Executive Expert of R & D Center, teacher of doctoralstudents, Head of Nanjing Forestry University, standing committee member of State Forestry Ministry Scientific Technical Commission, Director of Key Open Forestry & Chemistry Labor State Forestry Ministry, Director of Forestry & Chemistry Professional Guide Commission of State Forestry Ministry, Vice President of the Executive Council of Jiangsu Provincial Biologic Technological Association, and the deputy to the 8th and the 9th Provincial People's Congresses, and the deputy to the 10th and the 11th National People's Congresses. He graduated from Canada Toronto University Graduate College with doctor degree; he had short-term study in American Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vermont University, Swedish Lund University and Canadian Ontario Paper Making Company; he had been the chemical engineer of American Georgia-Pacific Corporation. During studying abroad, professor Yu was devoted to the study on biologic chemical processing and use of plant fiber resources and knows international research situations well. In 1993, he was titled as "National Excellent Teacher" ; in 1994, he got the honor to enjoy governmental special subsidy with approve from State Department; in 1997; he got the title of "National Excellent Returnee". After retuning, he has done complete and deep studies on the basic theory and application of the efficient biologic use of plant fiber resources and has got many national and international achievements, with the helps of several national natural science funds, projects of ministries and provinces and funds from enterprise cooperation. The fields involved include cellulose preparation and enzyme hydrolysis, hemicellulose pentose, hexose synchro alcohol fermentation, deep processing & application of lignin, preparation of albumen feedstuff, biologic transferring of terpenoid, research and developments on functional oligosaccharide. Now he is the honorary board director of Jiangsu Kangwei Biologic Co., Ltd.
Yong Qiang, Inspector General of R&D Center, teacher of doctor students, President of Chemistry Institrte of Nanjing forestry University; Xu Yong, Vice Inspector General, Deputy Professor of Nanjing Forestry University with doctor degree Chief Product Application Expert of R & D, Wang Tian, Head of Nanjing Agriculture University Animal Science College, teacher of doctor students; associate professor Du Wenxing has research directions of fowl brings and heredity & breeding; associate professore Zhou Yanmin has research directions of animal nutrition and feedstuff technologies.


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