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Jiangsu Kangwei Biologic Co., Ltd. is a provincial non-governmental science company,registered in High & New Technical Park Dongtai City Jiangsu Province, and has many engineers in the fields of biochemistry, veterinary, nutriology & pharmacology, managing and so on. Now the company, as a national outstanding enterprise creative in technology of feed additive, is the member of Green Industry Union for China Livestock Products and China Livestock & Fowl Hi-Technical Company Union. We also cooperate with Nanjing Forestry University to form a production -study-research chain and have developed xylo-oligosaccharides preparation with purely natural plants as the raw material and biologic engineering & updated separating technology that are self-owned intellectual property as the research methods. This project is listed among the State Planning Commission 948" High & New Technical Industry Model Projects, key promoted projects in Three Projects Activity during Jiangsu provincial agricultural industrialization, and provincial model engineering project outstanding in key high & new technical public bidding. In July 2003, we were the first getting new product certificate for feedstuff and feed additive issued by State Agricultural Ministry; xylo-oligosaccharides biologic producing technology won the second prize in Annual National Technical Creation in 2006. Products are widely used in such fields as medicine, sanitation, food, health care, and feed Additive. Meanwhile, our company cooperates with Nanjing Forestry University Animal Science College to develop green nuisance-free feedstuff and feed additives including Kangwei Su, Immunity Master, Likang Bao, and Yukang Yuan. Our cooperation has brought series products that are applicable in animals breeding including livestock, fowl, pets and so on. They can meet the demands of various-size green breeding bases and feedstuff companies. We also do our best to grow to become the largest functional oligosaccharide production base in Asia. lead green and effective production in the 21st century.

Kangwei Biology--- R&D and Production Base for Oligosaccharide of China Feedstuff Industry

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